There is a certain romanticism in going out of "Erasmus without nothing”.

From carrying only a couple of suitcases with terror, spasms and chills for overdoing the weight limit with that dryer or towel you added in the last minute; till the panic or suffering delay, -or loss!- of your luggage. For sure, before leaving the airport, all your friends have told you repeatedly how wonderful is going abroad as an Erasmus, but they forgot one important detail: what to carry in your bags?

The result is often quite common: you reach your destination country and you immediately start missing lots of things you never thought you would need during your Erasmus. Since most native stuff, the jet lag or even the unstable European climate. For this last thing, there is nothing to do except staying as warm as possible with all those coats that you didn’t include in your suitcase because of that hair dryer. However, other problems have simple solutions. Today, thanks to courier comparison sites, receiving all kind of products from home is easier and cheaper than you thought. Companies like Packlink, pioneer in this, track among the best carriers with the best prices for your packages. Sure you will notice your life abroad starts to make sense once you have all that you didn’t treasure before leaving.

Sadly, the problem will be repeated once you come back home. The illusion, uncertainty and the desire to go on Erasmus will be replaced by the grief and despair of seeing that all those quirks that you collect during your stay will not fit in a couple of suitcases. Again, the choice of Packlink gains strength to carry all those souvenirs that will make your family and friends very happy; because let’s face it, you won’t send back all those books and notes that you never studied. In any case, remember the most important thing: the best of the Erasmus does not fit in a suitcase. But that is something you will realize once you came back. No hurries.

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