Charlie Tango was born on September the 11th of 2008 with the creation of this lovely association, initially named ESN UPC ETSEIB. After years of cooperation and hard work with the coordinators of this section bringing them everywhere and making them behave and be responsible, ESN UPC decided to give him the prize of allowing him "to see the light" and be known by everyone. He presented himself to their beloved through the post made on Facebook:

Hello Gente guapa!!!
I introduce myself: I am Tango, Charlie Tango, the new pet of ESN UPC!! From now on, I will be the one who invites you to all the events, and the one who will post everything on the Facebook group about the latest news.
I'm new here so i don't have many friends... :( so I would be really happy if if you could all add me!! And this way I am gonna be able to invite you to all our fantastic events!!!
I work for the United States Air Force, Rusia, and sometimes for the North Korean, but in my free time i am a volunteer in ESN UPC, the most glamorous section of all time #GlamUPC. I will keep you informed!!

From this page we celebrate this announcement and cheer for a long real life together,

Good luck Charlie!!